Installation view

Installation view

Michele Gabriele "Fakefriend" 2016
bags of food for dogs, print on motex, concrete, needle cannula - 100x80x35

Jaakko Pallasvuo "Nu Painting"

BB5000 "Country girls do it in the mud (serenity evolution)" 2016
soil, water

Tilman Hornig "Frozen Gestures"
hard disk - 10x20

Tilman Hornig "Destroy the past, make the future"
enamel on canvas - 190x85

Yannick Val Gesto "Babyborn"
print on dibond - 50x90

BB5000 "I really love the boyfriend" 2016
polyurethane foam, synthetic clay, spray

Sung Tieu "Wing(2)" 2015
silkscreen on glass mirror, inflated water wings - 99x92x5.5

Nicolas Pelzer "Muscle Remainder" 2014
foam - 80x60x8

Gina Folly "Me you 2" 2015
Carrara marble, handmade

Pakui Hardware - installation view

Pakui Hardware "The Metaphysics of the Runner"
Resin, carbon sheet - 23x56